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We Take Ice Seriously

Ice is one of the most important products In any service industry operation and we know that but its often overlooked and even more often misunderstood. There are many different kinds of ice and types of machines.

Midwest has the experience to help you understand ice and make good decisions on not only how much of it and what storage you need but its type, and what filters and machine will work best for your application.

Midwest Refrigeration Professionals offers a wide variety of equipment. Our range includes bulk storage units, packaging and closing, handling, bagging systems and a variety of other items.

Midwest Refrigeration Professionals is a premier Scotsman dealer, we can provide any type of ice machine from small under counter machines used in bars and restaurants to large bulk machines with automatic bagging systems for large events and festivals.
MRP's experienced team can help you choose the right machine for your application.

Midwest Refrigeration Professionals has experienced teams of installers that can set up and install your machine right the first time, our installers are experienced in every level of equipment installation including remote condenser installations and remote condensing unit applications as well as nugget ice applications.

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Ice Machines by Midwest Refrigeration Professionals