Walk in cooler/freezers

Refrigeration professionals is a premier US Cooler walk in dealer

At Midwest Refrigeration Professionals we are experts at walk in commercial freezers. Walk in refrigerated boxes are large spaces used to store products at refrigerated temperatures. Walk in coolers are essential pieces of equipment in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and cold storage facilities. We can help you get the box you need whether it’s a small storage cooler or a large custom box with glass doors.

We also sell and install custom beer caves, cave glass doors and automatic doors, and windows for viewing in walk in boxes. Midwest is a premier US Cooler Dealer, we have the resources and the knowledge to help you get the right box and commercial cooling equipment the first time.

Midwest Refrigeration Professionals is your trusted expert source for walk in cooler and freezer glass doors, beer caves, cave doors, automatic cooler entry doors and windows for viewing into walk in coolers and freezers. We are a premier Anthony Glass Door and Styline Glass Door Dealer.

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Walk-in commercial freezers by Midwest Refrigeration Professionals
Walk-in commercial freezers by Midwest Refrigeration Professionals

Midwest Refrigeration Professionals has expert installation crews ready to serve you. All of our boxes use cam lock devices and 4" of insulation to ensure your product is safe.

We can also help with design and engineering of the refrigeration system in your box to ensure you get the correct equipment.

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